First there was “EJ” and then came “Jordan” or was it………


"EJ" & "Jordan"
“EJ” & “Jordan”

……..the other way round!?   These two are recasts of modified Denizen figures depicting two of the key characters from the Jordan F1 team; “EJ” himself and”Jordan” (aka; Katie Price) which I’ve painted up in their famous (and in my opinion the nicest) yellow B&H livery.  Continue reading “First there was “EJ” and then came “Jordan” or was it………”

Casadio (Revival) Alfa Romeo P3 1/20 scale

Casadio Alfa Romeo P3

I bought this Casadio Alfa Romeo (P3) 1/20 scale metal kit on Ebay recently.  Some partial assembly has been done by the previous owner and judging by the poor finish, I would say it was done by someone who had little or no experience at model building – hence I got it at a good price. Continue reading “Casadio (Revival) Alfa Romeo P3 1/20 scale”

Glimpse of Colin in JPS pit!

A “Classic” postcard from Silverstone 2013!

Glimpse of Colin in JPS pit!

The Silverstone Classic dished up it’s usual mouthwatering array of motorsporting machinery at the week-end.  With the exception of a huge thunderstorm late on Saturday (which led to the cancellation of the twilight running of Group C) the weather was absolutely wonderful; with plenty of bright sunshine and a light breeze it made the whole experience all that much better for the huge crowds. Continue reading “A “Classic” postcard from Silverstone 2013!”