Wargame figure – French Napoleonic – 28mm

I painted this little guy some months ago as a one piece “character” figure and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience – the proportions are bang on (even in this tiny scale) and well, he just looks “right” in terms of the whole Napoleonic genre.  He’s from the wonderful Foundry Miniatures range and to get him I had to buy a set of four figures.   As I had no intention of seriously painting the other three figures (I’m not a big fan of painting whole armies unless they are character groups) – I consigned them to the spares box.  A friend … Continue reading Wargame figure – French Napoleonic – 28mm

A very naughty little girl!

Unfortunately with my camera acting up today I wasn’t able to upload any photo’s of my days work so instead, I’m posting up some pics of this little 28mm lady from Foundry Miniatures Street Violence range which I painted last week – She’s definitely not the kind of girl you would want to bring home to your mother – yes she’s a real nasty piece of work! Continue reading A very naughty little girl!

Priming and undercoating – essential, but Boring stuff!

Boring as hell but for sure an essential part of model-making.    As I usually have up to 20 projects on the go at any one time, I generally try to include as many pieces as possible in one priming session, as I just find the whole process so boring and time consuming.  Apart from the actual spraying, the preparation takes up an enormous amount of time, but having said that, it’s an absolute must in terms of getting paint to stick  to the surface.  Initially I started out painting the Villeneuve helmets (I mentioned in yesterdays post) and then I … Continue reading Priming and undercoating – essential, but Boring stuff!

Napoleon – 28mm Wargame – Foundry Miniatures

I didn’t have much time today to spend painting, so I grabbed another of the primed wargame figure I have near my bench and whenever I had a few moments during the day, I painted this little figure of Napoleon Bonaparte.  This is from a set produced by Foundry Miniatures of Bonaparte and his Marshals – the set consists of 12 foot figures including some of his well known officers and aides.  Once again, I enjoyed just mixing the colors and getting it done in the day – so one down and eleven to go!   I’ll paint up some others … Continue reading Napoleon – 28mm Wargame – Foundry Miniatures

More 28mm Miniature gaming figures

I’m continuing my painting exercises with these little figures (see my last post) and over the weekend I painted this guy on his futuristic motorcycle.  I’ve no idea who manufactures the figure, I have 100’s of these from a mad buying phase from many years ago, and every so often I dip into my primed stock and tune up my painting technique.  As I’ve said before it’s a break from the larger (more serious) figures and it helps sharpen my eye for color/value mixing and it’s also very enjoyable! Continue reading More 28mm Miniature gaming figures