Our “Nige” – 1/18 driver figure

Using an original (stripped down) Minichamps 1/18 driver figure I’ve painted this in acrylics and added some MSM decal to create Nigel Mansell in the garbe he would have worn while driving “Red 5” otherwise known as; the Williams FW14b.  I added the comms link and breather tube to the helmet and I finished it with a couple of coats of Klear and I also applied matt varnish on the suit to seal in all the decals – (which were tricky to fit as they are intended for use on a 1/20 scale figure) – so plenty of Mocrosol a … Continue reading Our “Nige” – 1/18 driver figure

Michael Schumacher – 1/20 Driver Figures

I eventually had to take a break from the sketching, and today I spent a couple of hours blocking in the main values on these two resin Schumacher figures.  They are both 1/20 scale made by GF- models – I’ve modified them slightly by adding the gloves.  I’ll use decals for the “Marlboro” version , however, as I don’t have ones suitable for the “Barcode” version I’ll have to paint in the main logos.  I’ve already drilled out the parts of the helmets to take the visor lugs, radio cable and drink tube – more on these two later…meanwhile I’ll … Continue reading Michael Schumacher – 1/20 Driver Figures

Ayrton Senna – “Senninha” 1/20 scale figure WIP

This 1/20 scale resin figure of Ayrton Senna has been in my WIP line-up for a while now, and today I eventually got back to painting in some more of the details.   Using a photo of him taken at his home Grand Prix in Brazil (the first GP in ’94), I decided to depict him wearing one of his “Senninha” type T shirts which features the comic character logo of his charitible foundation. So far I’ve just outlined the Senninha graphic on the T shirt with medium values – the boots have been given some initial shading as have the … Continue reading Ayrton Senna – “Senninha” 1/20 scale figure WIP


I’ve just started another batch of 1/20 scale F1 driver figures – includes Prost, Schumacher, Alonso, two versions of Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, Hamilton etc… So far, I’ve blocked in the main values on the two Sennas and Prost and some facial tones on one of the Schumachers and Alonso… better get on with the rest of the painting! Continue reading WORK IN PROGRESS – 1/20 SCALE F1 DRIVER FIGURES