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Some of my 1/18 diecasts

Something I never seem to have the time to do, sorry, I should rephrase that; Something I never seem to make time for is, reviewing my diecast collection!.  Over the last couple of years I have been ferreting away diecasts of my favorite cars with the intention of making a proper display case for them in fact, that’s the real problem!  Many of the most beautiful model cars I have are still in their original packaging and carefully stored in a dark press, away from any preying eyes or little sticky fingers!  Continue reading “Some of my 1/18 diecasts”

Jo Siffert “Seppi” – original pencil sketch

He has to be one of the “coolest” of F1 drivers – always slightly ruddy and dishevelled with  a “devil may care” look sporting stylish aviator sunglasses and the regulation Marlboro hanging from the side of his mouth – a mixture of Steve McQueen and James Dean! :Wikipedia I’ve been enjoying doodling for the last two days using just pencil and paper (something I haven’t done for many years) so it’s nice to be re-united with my base skills -very relaxing.  An original pencil sketch 18×12 inches approx (12 x 8 when mounted).  The photo shows the full uncropped sketch. Continue reading Jo Siffert “Seppi” – original pencil sketch