Big changes in the BBC F1 team- but what about EJ????

I see it announced today that the BBC F1 commentating line-up is being changed, whereby Jonathan Legard is being replaced as the main commentator by Martin Brundle and he in turn will be partnered by David Coulthard – so what of the fate of Eddie Jordan?  In my opinion I’d have to say he just didn’t appear to have what it takes to gell in that type of set-up.   He is obviously very knowledgeable in relation to the world of F1 racing (given his previous experience as team owner), however,  his regular verbal ramblings were both irritating and confusing not just for the viewers, but it was clear for all to see that Jake Humphreys and David Coulthard were both uncomfortable once Jordan started on one of his many diatribes!  So far, no word from the BBC on Eddies fate – so we will just have to wait and see: BBC sport

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