McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans 1997 – 1/18 Minichamps Model Team Goh

The McLaren F1: powered by a 6-liter, V12 engine specially designed by BMW, it had the unique feature of three front seats, with the driving position front and center. In all 106 units, including 28 destined for competition, were manufactured between 1993 and 1998. After … Continue reading McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans 1997 – 1/18 Minichamps Model Team Goh

False Start and Autoart to Norev in 1/18

That was short and sweet – “it’s great to be back” and then Nothing!

More (later) on those flat figures I mentioned in the last post – when was that I hear you say – lets not go there.  Anyway, I discovered that my problem with posting up progress here is down to two things;

1. I have a habit of posting directly from my phone to Instagram and 2, I tend not to be organised for posting here, and then, as time moves on, the unposted stuff becomes irrelevant.  Hopefully I can correct that with this piece of work. Continue reading “False Start and Autoart to Norev in 1/18”

Modifying 1/18 Minichamps Porsche GT3 RS

The pictures speak for themselves but briefly, a plain white body looks a bit boring!  I mean, it’s an excellent model by Minichamps, but for my own liking, I’d like to see some aspects of the car highlighted.  Although, as I think about it more, I’m looking at it from the unlikely position of a prospective (real) Porsche buyer – and that’s very unlikely!!  Continue reading “Modifying 1/18 Minichamps Porsche GT3 RS”