For Sale 1/18 Minichamps 2020 Porsche Turbo S Coupe

Returning to a previous job of trimming down “doubles” in my collection, this 992 Turbo is now up for sale on eBay.  This is the first time (since I bought it) it has been out of the box to take these photo’s.  Model speaks for itself really – mint condition, beautiful paint job and I think Minichamps really captured the proportions excellently. Box has some minor tears on two corners – (some of the boxes these models come in sometimes just don’t want to open – pull a flap too hard and; Walla – a minor tear!

PXL_20230122_214444530 (1) PXL_20230122_214431452 (1) PXL_20230122_214400734 (1) PXL_20230122_214342678 (1) PXL_20230122_214331215 (1) PXL_20230122_214315509 (1) PXL_20230122_214251337 (1) PXL_20230122_214236245 (1) PXL_20230122_214223316 (1)

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