Autoart / Norev Porsche conversion in 1/18

Following on from yesterdays post I did some further chopping on both Porsches. I was saying that the maroon interior (in what is to become the road going replica of the Safari Martini Porsche) really didn’t look great and was going to have to come out.  I thought I might get away with just taking out the driver and passenger seats and then replacing them with the Recaro seats from the GT3 (and I might yet), we shall see. I also took out the rear seat padding (what little there is) as well to make the cockpit a little more sparse and business like.  That lot plus adding the roll cage will probably do it I think.  To finish it off, I think I will at least have to have the steering wheel from the GT3 as well as again, it looks more business like!  The addition of a pair of 6 or 4 point harnesses should add a nice touch – that’s the plan

PXL_20230120_115423686 PXL_20230120_115711718 PXL_20230120_115716671 PXL_20230120_115724890 PXL_20230120_115801700 PXL_20230120_120121646 PXL_20230120_232739601 PXL_20230120_233623642 

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