False Start and Autoart to Norev in 1/18

That was short and sweet – “it’s great to be back” and then Nothing!

More (later) on those flat figures I mentioned in the last post – when was that I hear you say – lets not go there.  Anyway, I discovered that my problem with posting up progress here is down to two things;

1. I have a habit of posting directly from my phone to Instagram and 2, I tend not to be organised for posting here, and then, as time moves on, the unposted stuff becomes irrelevant.  Hopefully I can correct that with this piece of work.

In the meantime here are a few photos of a 1/18 conversion I’m doing at the moment.  I’ve had a 1/18 Turbo by Norev for quite a while now and my intention was to convert it to a road going replica of a Safari 911 wearing that distinctive Martini livery.  I got hold of some suitable decals and have made a start at laying them on.  In my travels, I came across a GT3 on eBay (for parts) and I’m going to poach the roll cage and recaro seats out of it and stick them into the Safari 911.  The GT3 came without a box and it wasn’t  attached to a display base.  Most of the model survived what looked like a severe frontal impact – I wonder why the air bags didn’t go off!! Lol

Getting the innards away from the body took quite a while.  I could have broken it off, but I preferred instead to disconnect it properly.  Finding each retaining screw took quite a while and for the benefit of some who like to dismantle these models, I will post up the release sequence later.  The Norev model is nicely detailed and well proportioned, however, the ruby red trim is not going to go well with the Safari theme, so some of it will have to come out!

PXL_20230119_222010246 PXL_20230119_222014979 PXL_20230119_222020381 PXL_20230119_222026945 PXL_20230119_222029395

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