False Start and Autoart to Norev in 1/18

That was short and sweet – “it’s great to be back” and then Nothing!

More (later) on those flat figures I mentioned in the last post – when was that I hear you say – lets not go there.  Anyway, I discovered that my problem with posting up progress here is down to two things;

1. I have a habit of posting directly from my phone to Instagram and 2, I tend not to be organised for posting here, and then, as time moves on, the unposted stuff becomes irrelevant.  Hopefully I can correct that with this piece of work. Continue reading “False Start and Autoart to Norev in 1/18”

First there was “EJ” and then came “Jordan” or was it………


"EJ" & "Jordan"
“EJ” & “Jordan”

……..the other way round!?   These two are recasts of modified Denizen figures depicting two of the key characters from the Jordan F1 team; “EJ” himself and”Jordan” (aka; Katie Price) which I’ve painted up in their famous (and in my opinion the nicest) yellow B&H livery.  Continue reading “First there was “EJ” and then came “Jordan” or was it………”