Monaco Flag Marshal – 1/43 figure WIP

Safety standards have come a long way in all classes of Motor sport over the last 40 years, and in particular; Formula 1.  Cars, now have so many safety features in terms of their construction, the materials used, etc that dreadful looking crashes now see drivers walking away (in most cases) totally unscathed whereas, not that long ago, less serious (looking) impacts would have had a totally different outcome in terms of physical injury, or even worse!  In addition to the regulations making cars more safe, we also have a number of other safety layers around circuits; warning lights, safety car and of course the human touch; Flag Marshals!  Flag Marshals are a hard working dedicated lot, (usually volunteers) who are out in all conditions located strategically around the circuit, and using their colored flags, they indicate to drivers of changes in track conditions or if an incident has occurred and in more serious situations, they become F1’s; “first responders”.   I modeled this figure on a Marshal one might see at the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. I’ve built him a small station complete with armco, fire extinguisher, flags and Safety Car sign.  I’ve also fitted his helmet with a protective visor and microphone/ comms link.  The body of the figure is one of my limited edition hand castings in white metal and the head is a commercial casting from Denizen miniatures.


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