Mario Andretti 1/18 and ERTL Brawner Hawk – Indy 500 Champion 1969

Mario and the Brawner Hawk
Mario and the Brawner Hawk

What a combination, in my view the oldies are the best and they produced such great racing and raw excitement for the fans back then.  The Brawner Hawk car looks so purposeful even standing still, it could induce a bit of “heart racing” for onlookers.  I know Indy racing has it’s problems in terms of appealing to the fans in recent years (much like their colleagues in the world of F1).  So instead of running the current breed of “sanitised machinery” within tight regulations, perhaps the governing bodies should take a “year out” and apply the regulations in a more liberal way along the lines of: “an open four wheel single seat racer powered by an engine to make it go as fast as possible”!  Fans would be flocking back in their thousands to see a “free for all show” like that!  So in essence, rewind the clock to the old days and start again – a bit of reinvention could inject new life.  “Dream on” I hear you say, the people in power holding the purse strings are only interested in how much money they can squeeze out of the business – so rewinding the clock would be far too risky for them – “so what if the traditional fan base deserts us” – there are plenty of cities around the world looking to host the F1 circus as a tourist attraction, “so to hell with the traditional fan”, we make Millions of Dollars from the World TV rights anyway – we don’t need them”!Some things never change!  Anyway, enough ranting on my part, the Brawner Hawk & driver figure are both up on the bay at the moment if anyone would like to wind their own (miniature) clocks back to ’69!   Cheers,

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