Mario Andretti – Essex Lotus

Mario Andretti Essex Lotus


After clinching the World championship in 1978 (driving the beautifully liveried JPS Lotus 79), Andretti’s fortunes at Lotus faded.  The following year (1979) was a disaster for the team as they struggled to make the Lotus 80 competitive and they eventually had to give up and revert to the previous years car (type 79). Continue reading “Mario Andretti – Essex Lotus”

Michael Schumacher Jordan 191 Spa Belgium 1991 -1/43 scale figure

Michael Schumacher Jordan 191 Spa Belgium

I always liked the look of this particular figure from Denizen Miniatures.  Like all the figures in the Denizen range they have wonderful anatomical proportions for tiny 43rd scale, so I plucked this one from my stock of primed and based figures this morning and decided that I would paint him up as Michael Schumacher in his 7up Jordan colours when he made his F1 debut back in 1991.  Had he not been poached away by Flavio to the Benetton team, things might have worked out differently for EJ’s team…….bla bla … and if pigs could fly Continue reading “Michael Schumacher Jordan 191 Spa Belgium 1991 -1/43 scale figure”