Rascasse corner-boys!

The Rascasse Corner-boys

Don’t ask me where the title came from – “Rascasse” (as in the famous Monaco corner) combined with the term “Corner-boys” has a wonderful ring to it – anyway maybe it’s because I just like the term – Love it! #rascassecornerboys  I originally had an idea (and I still have it) to paint a large canvas featuring all the famous F1 characters lounging outside the famous Rascasse eatery (which gives the corner it’s famous name), however, in the meantime I got it into my head to do something along the same lines as a diorama in miniature.  In order to accomodate all the figures which I want to include, it will probably have to be in 1/43rd scale but having said that, I thought I might pick some smaller groups from the bigger setting and build them in 1/20 scale.  When I saw the quality of these E.Jan resin castings in 1/20th from Model Factory Hiro I knew I had to use them.  The sculpting is absolutely top drawer – the facial likenesses for each of the characters is spot- on.  So far I’ve assembled a small group which includes; Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jim Clark and Mario Andretti. The Hill figure is a combination of a “Rindt” body with a Graham Hill head from the seated driver kit.  The Jim Clark figure is nicely posed to have him standing with one foot up on a wheel (say the Tamiya Lotus 25).  The original posture of his hands had him pushing his cuff back to check his watch but I didn’t like that so I modified it and now I have his left hand just leaning on his hip.  I’ve already primed some of the figures so I’ll block in colour on each of them and then get the gaps filled on Clark and Hill with some Miliput – more on the Rascasse boys later.

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