Casadio (Revival) Alfa Romeo P3 1/20 scale

Casadio Alfa Romeo P3

I bought this Casadio Alfa Romeo (P3) 1/20 scale metal kit on Ebay recently.  Some partial assembly has been done by the previous owner and judging by the poor finish, I would say it was done by someone who had little or no experience at model building – hence I got it at a good price. Continue reading “Casadio (Revival) Alfa Romeo P3 1/20 scale”

“I can resist everything……………………!

Model Factory Hiro


……..except temptation” – a famous quote by Oscar Wilde!  Yes these figures arrived in the post on Friday morning from Model Factory Hiro and although I promised myself that I wouldn’t touch them until my current 43rd scale batch is complete, I just couldn’t resist opening the packets over the week-end. Continue reading ““I can resist everything……………………!”

Last Private moments – (For Roland) – Imola 1994

Senna 2541

The photo above is just one shot of the finished piece which I entitled “For Roland” – click here for a full Gallery.   “Senna the Movie” has generated an unprecedented amount of discussion and interest into Ayrton Sennas life and indeed, his untimely and tragic death.  And while the movie has unleashed many new insights into different aspects of his racing career, it has also raised many more questions.  Ever since Senna burst onto the F1 scene back in the early ’80’s, I have always been a fan and I often found myself watching somewhat boring races just to see him perform.  I always felt once he was on track his mere presence held promise of something “different” happening, even when the race had established a definite pattern or more often than not, when he was struggling to wrestle with an under-performing car. Continue reading “Last Private moments – (For Roland) – Imola 1994”