Two “Chappies”


Two Chappies!

Chapman large and small (or should that be Chapmen  – doh!) in 1/20 and 1/43 scale- there’s quite a difference when they stand side by side.  The larger figure also comes with his trademark black hat (which he is supposed to be in the process of tossing in the air in celebration) and it’s “attached” via piece of clear plastic rod, so a little more construction is going to be required!  Painting is now more or less completed and the appropriate decals have been applied.  Actually the decals which came with the E.Jan figure were a disaster – I was quite surprised when most of them disintegrated as soon as they hit the water, so I resorted to my trusty spares cabinet and used a mixture of MSM and (20 year old) stuff from Tamiya – Unbelievably the Tamiya decals survived the water and even a slight touch of Microsol!  I love it when the spares that have been carefully stashed away come into their own and save the day particularly when it’s something that could easily have been consigned to the bin without a second thought – (30 year old decals – Nah, bin them!!).   I want to get the John Player Special decal on the back of the larger figure to embed itself more so I’ll apply the matt varnish first and if that doesn’t work I’ll paint a dark shadow line around it so that it looks more like a stitched-on panel.  After the touch ups are done, I’ll give both figures a couple of coats of matt varnish to finish, Cheers for now,

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