Chopping and changing!!


I’ve a number of conversions on the bench at the moment; in 1/18 scale, a resin Auto Union driver figure (intended to be Rosemeyer – we shall see?) which I’m modelling new arms for using Milliput around some wire aramatures.  I’m also reworking the face to see if I can get some sort of likeness.  In 1/20 scale, the figures are all resin castings from E.Jan of; Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti and Jackie Stewart.  Fittipaldi and Andretti have both had “foot transplants”! – To explain; the original castings depicted both characters as they would have been attired in the “Gold Leaf” era and as I wanted to convert them to the “JPS period”, I needed to give them footwear more in keeping with that time.  Their new “sneaker” type footwear was kindly donated by some of the friendly guys in the 1/20 scale Tamiya pitcrew!  Lastly, the figure of Jackie Stewart originally started out as Emerson Fittipaldi with the main conversion being the head and right hand/arm.  The head (which once again came from the Tamiya set) is being further remodelled to create the long locks and Beatle hat).  I’m going to have the right hand holding his kit bag/ holdall.  I’ve another few of these types of projects on the go at the moment so I’ll update this post with more photos of them in the next few days.  Weather here in Dublin has been really cold with snow frost and ice for the last ten days.  But with a return to much milder conditions promised on Saturday, I can hopefully open the windows and do a bit of spray painting – (I haven’t reconnected my extractor fan since changing the room layout before Christmas)! So warmer weather and slightly longer days (just beginning to notice a slight stretch in the evenings here) – what does that remind me of? – Fingers crossed!!

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