What colours for the “Flying Scot”?


The "Flying Scotsman"

Nicknamed the “Flying Scot”many years ago for his speed on the track and wearing his trademark tartan-banded helmet as he drove to win three World Championships. Now retired from racing, Jackie Stewart is still very much a part of the F1 world today and his “tartan clad presence” in the pit-lane is often in evidence during TV broadcasts! Continue reading “What colours for the “Flying Scot”?”

Jackie Stewart 43rd scale

I got most of the details added to this Denizen figure over the week-end.  I decided to paint it up to represent Jackie Stewart – so hopefully with the addition of the tartan on the helmet (which I painted on) and perched beside the 1969  Matra (a Quartzo model which I removed the driver from) it goes some way to looking like JYS !  I’m not able to pin it down exactly, but midway through 1969 I believe Jackie moved from th Buco open face to the full face Bell helmet, so this figure represents the attire he would have … Continue reading Jackie Stewart 43rd scale