Black Art and a Dark (prancing) horse!

In between applying decals to the F10 I’ve been doing two sketches of it in ink using a “cross-hatching” technique .  I attached the model to a piece of cardboard with some shrink wrap in order to protect the matt paint finish from my own finger marks.  The paint is quite durable and so far it’s “mark free”, but I thought it was worth taking the precaution while applying the decals.   Very nearly there – more later. Continue reading “Black Art and a Dark (prancing) horse!”

It’s that smile!

I bet Lewis was smiling inside his helmet during his fantastic battle with Mark Webber in Korea last week-end – Webber is a very strong competitor and Lewis drove brilliantly to hold Mark off for third place.  It was a fantastic battle to watch lap after lap but Lewis (with his Mo-Jo back) was absolutely back on tip top form and he gave us a sublime performance of driving skills.   Lewis displayed a very solemn expression on his face all week-end even after qualifying on Pole he didn’t give the customary wave to the crowd when he got out of … Continue reading It’s that smile!

Maserati 4 CLT – second version – Ink on paper

Spent the week-end in bed with a heavy cold – once a cold gets up and running there’s nothing much one can do, except lie down and take the medicine!  Even when I’m losing the will to live I find it really difficult to “Play the patient” – it’s just so boring and a complete waste of time!  Anyway being the bad patient that I am, I’ll always look to keep going (even though I’m lying down) – so I spent a couple of hours with the ink and paper again and I did another view of the Maserati engine- … Continue reading Maserati 4 CLT – second version – Ink on paper

Maserati 4 CLT – Ink on paper

It’s ages since I did some “plain old” sketching, so I passed a coupe of hours over the week-end working on this picture of a Maserati 4CLT power-plant using ink on heavy watercolor paper.  I have to say it’s very satisfying to capture the essence of the subject using just line and some cross-hatching.  I was going to introduce some washes for color, but I think I’ll leave the lines and the white of the paper speak for themselves.  The Maserati 4CLT was the car Fangio (then an unknown quantity from Argentina) used in 1949 to burst onto the world … Continue reading Maserati 4 CLT – Ink on paper

Jimmy Hendrix – Fender Stratocaster – an old friend!

I was reunited with some long lost photos of an “old friend” recently – a Fender Stratocaster guitar I had the pleasure of painting!  About five years ago I was asked to re-paint an old electric guitar which had been well and truly “rocked to pieces” with very little of the original paint remaining and very badly scratched through to the wood – in fact, it looked a lot like one of the “Rory Gallagher” tribute fenders which are now available.  It looked to me like it should be thrown in a skip, but I was told it was a … Continue reading Jimmy Hendrix – Fender Stratocaster – an old friend!