“A change is as good as a rest…..”

Little and large!

….as the saying goes!  After all that tartan in 43rd scale I took a giant leap in scale to 1/18th and did some work instead on this CRAFT10 resin figure of Fangio – what a relief!  The combination of the two different scale figures in the same photo’ looks really weird for some reason?  Anyway, I’ll finish off that tartan tomorrow and in the meantime I’ve been giving Fangio that; “hard day at the office look” – having done battle during a grand prix for a couple of hours.  Sitting upright in such an exposed position with the engine three feet ahead of him and a belching exhaust at his elbow together with the same such detritus from other cars around him is it any surprise these guys looked more like coal miners after a race!! No closed visor helmets with drink tubes pumping copious amounts of refreshing energy supplements into his gob – with pit to car radio guiding him along – those certainly were the great days of motor racing! So to capture that battle weary look I’ve laid on several glazes and washes to both the flesh and cloth with more to come – goggles with vac-form lenses will also be added, Cheers for now,


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