Jackie and Helen Stewart 1/43 conversion sculpt – 1960’s & 70’s fashion look!

Jackie & Helen

A familiar sight around the F1 paddock and grid in the 60’s and 70’s was Jackie and Helen Stewart.  They both always dressed very trendily and sported the latest fashions in their attire.  For this project, I wanted to capture the look and feel of the 1970’s; lots of boots, platforms, side burns flares/bellbottoms and of course, mini dresses and hot pants!!  In order to capture all the various “fashion looks”, I’ll bring together an entourage of characters which I can then use to “dress up”!   So far, I have the core of Jackie and Helen together using some chopped figures (Denizen, Trackpass and Foundry) and wire.  I’ll apply Magisculpt or Milliput to build up the detail masters and then get them off to John Murphy so he can make up the rubber moulds.  More on these and others soon! Cheers

DSCF8976 DSCF8985 DSCF8984 DSCF8981 DSCF8980 DSCF8977 DSCF8976


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