Jackie Stewart 43rd scale

I got most of the details added to this Denizen figure over the week-end.  I decided to paint it up to represent Jackie Stewart – so hopefully with the addition of the tartan on the helmet (which I painted on) and perched beside the 1969  Matra (a Quartzo model which I removed the driver from) it goes some way to looking like JYS !  I’m not able to pin it down exactly, but midway through 1969 I believe Jackie moved from th Buco open face to the full face Bell helmet, so this figure represents the attire he would have worn in the early part of the ’69 season.  Another small detail I’ve included is the retaining strap Stewart always wore (in addition to the press studs) on his visor / helmet peak.    Also, the following year I think Tyrrell switched to using the more familiar Goodyear tyres – hence the Dunlop logos here!  In my humble opinion a superb competitor and a great “Thinking” driver – his ability to articulate his approach to driving a race car in easy to understand terms is legendary and always a joy to hear.  While he is no longer actively involved in the sport he is thankfully very much a part of the F1 scene and continues to be a highly respected ambassador for the sport world-wide.

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