Spotted on a stroll through Knightsbridge..

Usually the sight of a flash car in London doesn’t cause too much of a stir – the sight and sound of something on four wheels costing the earth and out of the reach of most ordinary mortals is prety much “old hat” these days and doesn’t cause the locals to stop stare and point to the extent that it sometimes used to. Having said that, (as an ardent petrol-head) when I visit I’ll always keep an eye out for what’s on the move in the hope I’ll see someone famous (probably driving a Prius!) or my first Veyron in the flesh!  Also as an ardent city walker, I’ll pay a visit to the upmarket car dealerships to see what they are plying on four wheels to their ultra rich clientele – so with this in mind last week , I headed down to the HR Owen Ferrari dealership in Knightsbridge.  Expecting to see the latest F458 Italia or F430 Scuderia on display, I was blown away by none other than a 512S – the actual car raced by Andretti & Amon at Daytona in 1970 – what a wonderful sight – so iconic and (to me) way better than a Veyron in the flesh any day!

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