Nuremberg Toy fair

Nuremberg Toy fair

I had the good fortune last week-end to visit the Nuremberg Toy fair, (and in the process tick another item off my “bucket list”!).  Ever since I can remember, the Nuremberg Toy fair has always been lauded as the biggest and best of it’s kind in the world and when I got a surprise (last minute) invitation last Wednesday, I jumped at the chance. Continue reading “Nuremberg Toy fair”

Spotted on a stroll through Knightsbridge..

Usually the sight of a flash car in London doesn’t cause too much of a stir – the sight and sound of something on four wheels costing the earth and out of the reach of most ordinary mortals is prety much “old hat” these days and doesn’t cause the locals to stop stare and point to the extent that it sometimes used to. Having said that, (as an ardent petrol-head) when I visit I’ll always keep an eye out for what’s on the move in the hope I’ll see someone famous (probably driving a Prius!) or my first Veyron in … Continue reading Spotted on a stroll through Knightsbridge..

Ironic – or what?

In London last week-end I went to see the latest “Banksy” painted on the side of a house in Camden.  His latest piece references “Tox” (a fellow graffiti artist living in Camden) who was recently convicted in court on a charge of Criminal Damage.  Apparently, graffiti artists’ have a kind of “signature” built into their work and this method of leaving a “calling card” if you will, is referred to as “Tagging”. In court, the judge dismissed Toxs’ claim that he was a street artist and that he could not compare himself to the famous Banksy; “As he did not … Continue reading Ironic – or what?

Typically Parisian

As I’ve been spending time travelling recently, my painting and miniature work has fallen way behind and as a result, my Blog postings have been very infrequent.  Paris is a great city to sit, drink eat and watch and apart from reading a couple of books and working through some sketches, that’s pretty much all I did for the last couple of weeks.  With the early arrival of some unseasonally fine warm weather, it was most enjoyable.  In recent years I enjoy much more the process of looking and watching rather than taking photographs of everything.   I can become a … Continue reading Typically Parisian