Ironic – or what?

In London last week-end I went to see the latest “Banksy” painted on the side of a house in Camden.  His latest piece references “Tox” (a fellow graffiti artist living in Camden) who was recently convicted in court on a charge of Criminal Damage.  Apparently, graffiti artists’ have a kind of “signature” built into their work and this method of leaving a “calling card” if you will, is referred to as “Tagging”.

In court, the judge dismissed Toxs’ claim that he was a street artist and that he could not compare himself to the famous Banksy; “As he did not have the artistic skills” !

So now that Banksy has endorsed or “tagged” one of his own pieces with the name “Tox” will the charges be dropped?

Within hours of this piece being done, it was quickly covered with a protective sheet of Perspex and a CCTV camera was mounted above! – ironic really – an illegal piece of street art being given it’s own security cordon!

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