Gilles Villeneuve 1/20 figure – final drive – Zolder 1982

"for the last time"

I’m out of sequence with my promised line-up of Villeneuve figures with this post.  The saddest of the three is this one which depicts him as he prepares for those final (and fateful) qualifying laps at Zolder in 1982, when the world of F1 was robbed of one of it’s most gifted sons.  Another GF-models resin figure finished in acrylics with suit logos a mixture of decals and paint. He’s wearing his distinctive GPA helmet which like his earlier Bell helmet is fitted with the air way connector.  In addition, it was also fitted with a connector plug to facilitate “car to pit” radio (when stationary in the pits).  This one is also available up on the “Bay” now, Cheers,


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