Lewis Hamilton 1/20 scale driver figure – WIP

Lewis Hamilton

I just started blocking in the main colours on this 1/20 figure from GF-models.  I don’t have any decals to suit, but my intention is to paint him up as Lewis Hamilton so I’m going to hand-paint the logos – we shall see and as they say: “all will be revealed!  As usual, the bench is fairly log-jammed with a variety of projects and commissions – too many ideas and far too little time in fact, it would take me several lifetimes to bring all my modelling ideas to fruition!  In my continuing efforts to keep my Blog active, I think this post qualifies as a reasonable addition – I suppose I could have just posted up something to do with how bad the weather is – and then when I look as some of the more inane Tweets and posts broadcast by members of the supposedly elite celebrity community I don’t feel in any way guilty…..in fact, I give thanks for not having to endure such hardship! – and as I often say to my dear wife – “don’t get me started” – now there’s someone who has to endure more than her fair share of hardship….!   Cheers for now,



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