Michael Schumacher Jordan 191 Spa Belgium 1991 -1/43 scale figure

Michael Schumacher Jordan 191 Spa Belgium

I always liked the look of this particular figure from Denizen Miniatures.  Like all the figures in the Denizen range they have wonderful anatomical proportions for tiny 43rd scale, so I plucked this one from my stock of primed and based figures this morning and decided that I would paint him up as Michael Schumacher in his 7up Jordan colours when he made his F1 debut back in 1991.  Had he not been poached away by Flavio to the Benetton team, things might have worked out differently for EJ’s team…….bla bla … and if pigs could fly – anyway 20 years on and Schumi is still going – which is more than can be said for Jordan F1!   Back to the figure, I’ve blocked in all the major colours and shapes and it’s looking pretty good – all logos are hand done – no suitable decals in this scale – (which I kind of prefer as it requires one to push the painting limits) – and of course it provides experience and learning – not easy but satisfying.   Having said all that, I think I spotted a suitable decals which I might use on the sunvisor.  Some areas need tidying up – and I need to add the cross hatching and stars on the helmet.  During breaks in the painting today I cleaned up a couple of other figures ready for some minor modifications. I’ll add the trademark Nomex scarf to the Graham Hill figure – I’ve already carved away the ankles on the Gilles Villeneuve figure so that I can add his trademark Simpson gaiters – (as I look at it now I’ll also have to change his hair line to improve the likeness) and lastly I plan to add gloves to the other figure which will be Andretti from one of his stints with Lotus.  More later.



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