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I’m concentrating on 43rd scale at the moment to try and make some inroads on my vast supply of unstarted figures – about 200 at last count plus another 30 in various stages of being modified.  Added to this lot are another crop of larger figures totalling 70 or 80 in a variety of scales ie, 1/20 & 1/18 and 1/12.  So I’m determined this year to concentrate on building and painting and absolutely no buying – yeah right – as I speak the postman is coming up the drive with another package full of goodies  ssshhh – don’t tell!  In my current batch are Hill, Andretti (I’ll finish him in the Lotus Essex colours) – Stewart, Senna, Gilles and a rather lovely figure of a 1930’s driver with a striking resemblance to Prince Bira!  I’m looking forward to painting him up with his oriental features, white overalls, on which he curiously enough carried the BRDC crest  – so I’ll include that also.  Two other figures undergoing a “head transplant” are also there – the lovely Denizen figure of Prost has just donated his head to another hand waving figure which I want to include in a Senna Prost vignette following their clash in Japan in 1989.  Their body language and the tension as both of them walked back to the pits was quite something.    I remember watching that incident live at the time and being furious at Senna’s actions.   20 years on and having seen it again (from a different perspective) in Senna the movie, I have changed my opion.  With the passage of time combined with the wonderful insights that movie has provided I venture to say that many people see the whole Senna/Prost tussle in a completely different light.  That’s all for now – will start priming these figures ready for the initial undercoating – cheers,


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