Alonso Helmet – from the “unhappy period” at McLaren!

Alonso helmet

This helmet started life as a 1/8 scale Minichamps Damon Hill Jordan helmet.  I wanted to create the helmet Alonso would have worn when he drove for McLaren.  The move to McLaren from the Renault team promised much but it soon turned out to be a mistake for everyone involved that year. Continue reading “Alonso Helmet – from the “unhappy period” at McLaren!”

Ayrton Senna 1/20 scale figure – WIP

Still working on my WIP line-up.  This one is of Ayrton Senna (an old Modellers figure) 1/20 in resin.  I decided to depict him wearing his own logo on what was going to be a very plain white t shirt.  Using acrylics, I’ve blocked in the main colours and have  added the stitching detail on the suit.  I’ll add some Marlboro logos and the like to inject more interest and in particular, I’ll add a large Marlboro panel to the back of the suit…… and the work continues – more later. Continue reading Ayrton Senna 1/20 scale figure – WIP