Bench update – (on a grander scale!)

The Grand scale of things!

This lot is a mixture of 1/18 & 1/20 figures in various stages of completion.  The ones nearly there are; the trio from Racing Dioramics of; Gurney, McLaren, Donohue & the “interloper”, Rosemeyer.  The “early” driving suits/overalls tend to be very plain, so a lot of shading is required to add interest and make it a bit easier on the eyes.  Apart from the “Goodyear” lettering, all decals were produced (with a little difficulty) via my HP ink-jet printer on decal carrier paper. The goggle lenses were cut from thin (wrapper) acetate and the buckles on the retaining straps were shaped from wire.

Ones further adrift are the a pair of E.jan figures of Andretti & Fittipaldi.  I’ve completed the modifications to the feet/shoes and I’ve given them another coat of primer, so painting on them will start asap with both getting the appropriate JPS livery.

Finally, these are two figures fron GF models representing Ginther (with carved back visor) & Surtees which will accompany my two Ebbro 1/20 diecast Hondas.

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