Bench update – (’43rd scale)

'43rd scale

Still in catch-up mode after Nuremberg with this lot in the smaller scale nearing completion. It includes the following:

Ascari, Siffert, Rodriguez and McQueen.


Dan Gurney

Han Solo?

Senna (in Camel livery) & a vignette with Prost after their clash in Japan ’90.

Hamilton & Raikkonen “This is the pits Lewis”! (Montreal).


And finally, a vignette entitled “Teammate or traitor” based on an imagined scene when the two might have met with the Commendatore after the infamous clash between Pironi & Villeneuve at Imola in ’82 (which had such a terrible outcome in Zandvoort some weeks later).

That’s most of the small stuff for now – some larger scale figures are waiting in the wings, so I’ll post progress on them tomorrow.  What is it they say; “Sweat the big stuff and the small stuff will look after itself” or, is it the other way round? I suppose it depends on your frame of mind!

Cheers for now,



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