Steve McQueen – aka Michael Delaney – Le Mans 24 hours


Forty years on and the iconic imagery generated by the Film “Le Mans” is as strong as it ever was and continues to live on in all sorts of ways; from posters to mugs and T shirts and of course Steve McQueen is in my opinion what gives the whole le mans thing it’s  special ingredient.  McQueen, apart from being one of those grity actors, he was also a pretty good race driver and he actually partnered Peter Revson in a Porsche in the Sebring 12 hours back in 1970 – so a pretty handy man behind the wheel. Continue reading “Steve McQueen – aka Michael Delaney – Le Mans 24 hours”

Jo Siffert “Seppi” – original pencil sketch

He has to be one of the “coolest” of F1 drivers – always slightly ruddy and dishevelled with  a “devil may care” look sporting stylish aviator sunglasses and the regulation Marlboro hanging from the side of his mouth – a mixture of Steve McQueen and James Dean! :Wikipedia I’ve been enjoying doodling for the last two days using just pencil and paper (something I haven’t done for many years) so it’s nice to be re-united with my base skills -very relaxing.  An original pencil sketch 18×12 inches approx (12 x 8 when mounted).  The photo shows the full uncropped sketch. Continue reading Jo Siffert “Seppi” – original pencil sketch