Just the thing for an incurable (motor-sport) romantic…!

Autosport magazine

Although I found the “trudge” through “Yuletide” somewhat easier this year, and as the arrival of New Year was equally pleasant (I’m not a big fan!) I still felt that mid-winter “low” was inclined to linger a little longer.  Since Christmas week, Setanta Sports channel has been advertising the season opener in Australia, but lately I find it difficult to get excited by contemporary F1.  Apart from Monaco, Monza, Spa (and to a lesser extent Silverstone) I’m not inclined to spend much time watching TV coverage – the whole thing has just become so sanitized (in my humble opinion).  Having said that, I like to keep in touch with what’s going on in the F1 world, so I was thrilled when I got hold of the first new year issue of Autosport –  (it’s an absolute corker with lashings of nostalia) and in particular, a special section devoted to the racing legend Graham Hill aka; “Mr Monaco”. It covers his winning exploits in F1, LeMans and the Indy 500 – the only man in the history of the sport to conquer the lot!  And if that wasn’t enough, they also publish the bees knees of  motor sporting “Bucket” lists – with something for everyone – even heretical romantics like; yours truly !!   Cheers for now,

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