Goggles and things….

Bruce McLaren

I’m just getting back to working on the 1/18 resin driver figures from Racing Dioramics and in particular, the seated figure of Bruce McLaren.  So far I’ve blocked in all the main colours including first level shading on the driving suit and the facial skin tones.  I’m now concentrating on finishing the helmet/head, so before applying the metallic finish on the helmet (and the Gulf decal), I’m adding the lens and some detail to the goggles using very thin acetate (plastic wrapper,) metal pins, brass wire and metal foil.  As the goggles are essentially curved, I had to clamp the acetate round a plastic dowel in order to attach it.  The cut down metal pins will act act as the attachment points for the foil retaining strap with the attachment buckles themselves from brass wire which have been formed around a piece of square rod.  In order to ensure a secure fit on the helmet, I also fitted a piece of brass wire (into the front of the helmet) which will be further cut down and bent round the bottom of the goggles and camouflaged with some Milliput before painting.  More on this one soon – in the meantime, I’ll do a similar job with the goggles for the Gurney figure, Cheers for now,


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