The postman has “shown his metal”!……..

The "Hard stuff"!

Our local postman (Joe) dropped off a stout and hefty package from Prince August for me today.  He was delighted to “lighten his load” by getting rid of the package and he wasn’t surprised when I showed him the contents – metal bars and a myriad of casting equipment!   After a very busy Christmas period, he tells me he is still delivering some “Yuletide” packages which got caught up in the rush and unfortunately didn’t arrive in time!  Such was the popularity of “On-line” shopping this year, he said he felt like he should have been wearing an “Amazon” uniform, as nearly every second package was from the on-line retailer of the same name!  Now that I have taken delivery of these necessary metal making hardware items, I’m ready to embark on casting my first metal figures – very exciting indeed!  I also received some metal mannequins from Martin Hille (in Germany) as a basis for a bit of figure sculpting I have planned – but more on that later.  In the meantime, I’ll set myself up to get these casting done – so hopefully in my next posting, I’ll be able to show the the successful fruits of my labours! – cheers for now.


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