Three gems from Racing Dioramics

Three from Racing Dioramics

Apart from enjoying the joys of the Festive season, I am having the very pleasant experience of painting not just one, but three wonderful (and original) 1/18 resin figures from Crittenden at Racing Dioramics.  The figures are full of character and life and capture the excellent facial likenesses of the characters themselves; Dan Gurney, Bruce MacLaren and Mark Donohue.  As I say, these are original castings from Racing Dioramics and should NOT to be confused with the plagiarized examples which I see are sadly on offer from some quarters!  Those of you who may unwittingly get your figures from these “other quarters” are missing out not only on the genuine article, but the people at Racing Dioramics are pretty special and a real joy to deal with – so get your figures there!  The figures are a joy to paint, and after cleaning them up and applying a couple of coats of primer, I’m making good headway on the flesh tones.  Donohues face is pretty much “there” apart from a coat of gloss varnish on the eyes.  I often have the tendancy to “gild the lily” a bit too much in search of a more subtle finish – so “metinks” I should stop now??  Iv’e given him that “blonde blue eyed” look – (which I will hopefully repeat on Gurney) whereas,  Bruce is being given a darker complexion with brown eyes.   For now, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New year, Cheers for now,

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