Jacky Ickx – “Mr Le Mans”

Jacky Ickx


It’s difficult to believe that Jacky Ickx himself never had any interest in becoming a racing driver!  In a recent interview in Motor Sport magazine, he says that after his father brought him to the Spa circuit when he was a youngster he was so bored he wanted to go home…….some years later he was driving for Enzo Ferrari in Formula 1!   He went on to become a living legend in terms of his fantastic record driving Sports Cars – and earning him the name: “Mr Le Mans” winning the classic race on no more than six occasions!  The figure of Jacky Ickx is another Denizen 1/43rd metal casting which I have painted up to represent his early days with Ferrari – winning his first Grand Prix driving for Scuderia at Rouen in 1968 wearing his distinctive blue open face helmet with white trim and sporting personal sponsorship from Kent Tobacco.

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