Three of (one of the best F1 drivers)……Gilles!

Gilles - F1 milestones

Few would disagree with that strapline, particularly when Enzo Ferrari himself likened Villeneuve to the great Tazio Nuvolari. “When they presented me with this ‘piccolo Canadese’ (little Canadian), this minuscule bundle of nerves, I immediately recognised in him the physique of Nuvolari and said to myself, let’s give him a try.” Continue reading “Three of (one of the best F1 drivers)……Gilles!”

Gilles Villeneuve 1/20 scale driver figure – first Ferrari drive – Mosport 1977


Another resin figure from GF-models which I’ve painted up; this time Gilles Villeneuve as he would have appeared when he had his first public outing for the “Scuderia” driving an F1 Ferrari 312T-2 in the Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport park in 1977. Continue reading “Gilles Villeneuve 1/20 scale driver figure – first Ferrari drive – Mosport 1977”

Projects on my bench – afraid this one rambles on…& on.. (updated Oct 31st) – Oh how scary!

Unfinished business!

One of the projects on my bench at the moment is a little vignette of Denny Hulme giving his team mate (and boss) Jack Brabham a lift back to the pits after the latters car broke down – an “F1 Taxi” if you will. Continue reading “Projects on my bench – afraid this one rambles on…& on.. (updated Oct 31st) – Oh how scary!”

Team-mate or Traitor??

Ultimate betrayal

In the closing stages of the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola in 1982 Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi (both driving for Ferrari) were lining up for a thrilling One-Two finish in front of their home crowd.  Back in 1982 F1 cars were notoriously unreliable, fragile and prone to break down or run out of fuel.   With 15 laps left to run, the Ferrari team ordered their drivers to slow down to ensure the cars got to the finish.  One school of thought is that Villeneuve believed this meant they should maintain their positions and as a result they should “hold station” and finish without racing each other.  On the other hand, Pironi’s view was that they were still free to race each other and as a result he duly passed Villenuve a couple of laps later. Continue reading “Team-mate or Traitor??”

Jacky Ickx – “Mr Le Mans”

Jacky Ickx


It’s difficult to believe that Jacky Ickx himself never had any interest in becoming a racing driver!  In a recent interview in Motor Sport magazine, he says that after his father brought him to the Spa circuit when he was a youngster he was so bored he wanted to go home…….some years later he was driving for Enzo Ferrari in Formula 1! Continue reading “Jacky Ickx – “Mr Le Mans””

Nigel Mansell – “Our Nige” Ferrari



Nigel Mansell

Often affectionately referred to by many of his fans as “Our Nige”, Nigel Mansell was regarded as being “very hard but fair” by many of his contemporaries.  His time at Ferrari was less than a happy affair – while he put in some sterling drives for the team the car was dreadfully unreliable and during his two years there he only netted three wins. Continue reading “Nigel Mansell – “Our Nige” Ferrari”


A vary nice figure from Trackpass of Enzo – destined to pop up in many of the F1 Dioramas I have planned for my site! “Wiki” links below provide more details; Enzo Anselmo Ferrari (February 18, 1898[1] – August 14, 1988) Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI[2] was an Italian race car driver and entrepreneur, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team, and subsequently of the Ferrari car manufacturer. He was often referred to as “il Commendatore” Continue reading ENZO FERRARI – F1 TRACKPASS MINIATURE