Nigel Mansell – “Our Nige” Ferrari



Nigel Mansell

Often affectionately referred to by many of his fans as “Our Nige”, Nigel Mansell was regarded as being “very hard but fair” by many of his contemporaries.  His time at Ferrari was less than a happy affair – while he put in some sterling drives for the team the car was dreadfully unreliable and during his two years there he only netted three wins. Continue reading “Nigel Mansell – “Our Nige” Ferrari”

Our “Nige” – 1/18 driver figure

Using an original (stripped down) Minichamps 1/18 driver figure I’ve painted this in acrylics and added some MSM decal to create Nigel Mansell in the garbe he would have worn while driving “Red 5” otherwise known as; the Williams FW14b.  I added the comms link and breather tube to the helmet and I finished it with a couple of coats of Klear and I also applied matt varnish on the suit to seal in all the decals – (which were tricky to fit as they are intended for use on a 1/20 scale figure) – so plenty of Mocrosol a … Continue reading Our “Nige” – 1/18 driver figure