Nigel Mansell – “Our Nige” Ferrari



Nigel Mansell

Often affectionately referred to by many of his fans as “Our Nige”, Nigel Mansell was regarded as being “very hard but fair” by many of his contemporaries.  His time at Ferrari was less than a happy affair – while he put in some sterling drives for the team the car was dreadfully unreliable and during his two years there he only netted three wins.   An interesting fact is that he was the last driver to be personally selected by Enzo Ferrari himself!  On leaving Ferrari he threatened to retire, but Frank Williams stepped in with an offer Mansell couldn’t refuse and he went on to win the title with Williams in ’92.  This is another of my 43rd scale metal castings from Denizen which I have modified (with Miliput) by adding his trademark flat cap and painted in acrylics.

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