Clay “Regga” Reggazoni

Clay Reggazoni

Clay Reggazoni was a much liked character from the 1970’s and early 80’s F1 circus. A larger than life character with a reputation for being a gritty and tough competitor.  With five wins to his name, his first came fittingly enough with Ferrari at Monza in 1970 driving the 312b and another notable victory was at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone when he gave Frank Williams his very first F1 victory at the wheel of the superbly competitive FW 07.

Sadly his f1 career came to an abrupt end with that awful crash in Long Beach in 1982 which left him confined to a wheelchair.  The measure of the mans grit and determination was that he regained his competition licence and continued to drive competitively in sports car racing and events like the Dakar rally using specially adapted controls.  He was sadly killed in a road accident in Italy in 2006.  In this 1/43 scale Denizen figure I’ve tried to capture some element of his facial likeness so I’ve chosen to depict him wearing the open face helmet which he would have worn when driving to his first victory back in 1970 at Monza – I’ve also added a moustache and scarf using Milliput resin putty to hopefully enhance the likeness.

In researching this piece I came across this wonderful film tribute on Youtube which I think captures the essence of the man fondly referred to as “Regga” by many of his contemporaries:


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