Nigel Mansell – “Our Nige” Ferrari



Nigel Mansell

Often affectionately referred to by many of his fans as “Our Nige”, Nigel Mansell was regarded as being “very hard but fair” by many of his contemporaries.  His time at Ferrari was less than a happy affair – while he put in some sterling drives for the team the car was dreadfully unreliable and during his two years there he only netted three wins. Continue reading “Nigel Mansell – “Our Nige” Ferrari”

Another crop of miniature F1Driver Figures

I’ve just started another crop of Formula One Driver figures – these metal figures in 1/43rd scale are intended to accompany model cars and add a human dimension to diecast collections.  Having said that, as a long time miniature figure painter (mainly military), I always assemble and paint my figures to exhibition standards, so they can be displayed as miniatures in their own right.    These figures are by Denizen Miniatures (run by Chub Pearson) and are probably the best (in terms of detail and anatomical proportions) 43rd scale figures around.  I’ve just assembled, based, undercoated and blocked in the … Continue reading Another crop of miniature F1Driver Figures