Preparing the Prancing horse – (part II)

Ferrari team


Some more shots of those Ferrari mechanics being watched over by Enzo himself.  This time I’ve posed the figures with the Exoto 1/43rd scale diecast transporter.  It’s a wonderfully detailed model of that famous FIAT Bartoletti Transporter which ferried Enzo’s red cars to racing circuits all round Europe.  The detail is incredible; although I haven’t removed all the packing from the model yet (I’m afraid of getting it scratched) the tailgate has working latches which allows the ramps to be set down to load the cars.  The cabin doors don’t open but all the splendid interior details are clearly visible.  The underside is fully detailed with the chassis rails, exhaust box, drive shaft and differential.  The wheels are little models in their own right with all the locating nuts and tiny little inflator valves.  The tyres have superb  thread detail and the front wheels actually steer.  Exoto also produce the Bartoletti in 1/18 scale and although I’ve only seen photo’s of it, it looks absolutely splendid with lots of opening and working parts, and by all accounts it does everything but start up!!

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