Running out of space in my “Modelling Farm” – so it’s time for a change!

Lotus 38 STP Special Indy 500 1966


I’m in the process of trying to reorganise my studio at the moment as I need more bench space to accommodate all of the different projects which I have in various stages of partial completion.   I like to use what I call the; “Farming or Gardening” approach to modelling and this involves keeping numerous projects “on the go” at the same time – hopping from one to the other as the appropriate inspiration for each one “ebbs and flows”.  This approach also facilitates bundling some tasks together (like single colour painting sessions – all the reds get done at once!) and essentially as each project reaches the “ripening stage” – it can thus be harvested!   While this approach makes the work process more efficient  it ultimately leads to a significant increase in output, however, the downside is that it requires lots of space.  So something has “got to give” and in order to acquire more workspace I’ve decided to do away with the large items in my diecast collection; starting with the 1/18 scale cars.  Easier said than done – I’ve tried it many times before and when it came to doing it I just “bottled out”.  So after all these earlier attempts and rehearsals, I’ve taken the plunge and I’ve just listed one of my favourite diecasts on Ebay; the fabulous 1/18 scale Lotus 38 driven by the late great Jimmy Clark to second place in the 1966 Indy 500.  The model is manufactured by Carousel and is absolutely stunningly finished with it’s dayglow red /orange paint scheme and fabulous white walled tyres – which were only fitted on one side!  This was due to the fact that the pit crew needed to be able to distinguish Clarks car from his team mate (Al Unser) driving the #18 car in exactly the same livery – not an easy thing to do when the cars are blasting by at  200MPH!.   So now that I’ve listed this one up on Ebay (and thereby proved to myself that it can be done – painful yes – but just about bearable!) I’ll get the rest of my collection photographed and ready to move onto a new (and no doubt careful) owner!

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