Watson’s wait is over…..!

Watson and carbon 911
Watson and carbon 911

I liken the experience of this conversion to a long journey ie, – very interesting and somewhat exciting at the outset but as it begins to drag on, you lose interest and just want to get it over with!  And now that it’s over and done (and I have “arrived” so to speak),  I feel satisfied with the result and I’m glad I stayed with it, as apart from a nice result in terms of the finished model, well I also learned a lot; mainly that (in the words of Calvin Coolidge); “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistance”!!    The following pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  I pinched the gearshift from the Tamiya kit – I know it doesn’t really fit properly (and is not to scale) but it fills an obvious void in the cockpit.  I ditched the idea of reprinting the decals to match the scale as my printer just wasn’t up to the job and besides, the quality of these conversion ones are absolutely sublime -(pricey, but you get what you pay for!). Apart from the basic red cross on silver on Watsons helmet, the rest of the branding on the driver figure is pretty much a work of fiction!  I rescued a couple of the reprinted decals and used them on the overalls and the other chopped up as a visor strip on his helmet.  My opening comments implied that this journey wasn’t one that I would necessarily want to repeat, however, having said that, I have already started on not one, but four other carbon Jordans (three in 1/43 and a 1/20 Tamiya)!  Some of us never learn – persistance can be an awful affliction!

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