For Sale – a little Gem – Audi A4 Avant Quattro

I would dearly love to get my hands on a real one of these.  I bought this 1/18 scale one to try and satisfy my graw for the real thing – how ridiculous!!   Manufactured by Minichamps with an all opening body, it is beautifully finished and weighs very chunkily in the hand.  One minor imperfection rather spoils it though in fact, it’s not that easy to spot.  The tailgate bears the numerals denoting the engine size 3.2 and unfortunately part of the chrome lettering is missing from the digit “3”.  On reflection, I think as all the other aspects of the model are pretty much perfect, the imperfect badge on the tailgate certainly doesn’t detract from what is a little “Gem” of a diecast! Anyway, in my continuing efforts to trim down the collection, I decided to release this one back into the world. It’s up in my Ebay listings now starting at a very reasonable price. Happy bidding!

PXL_20230220_225918561 PXL_20230220_225905938 PXL_20230220_225814100 PXL_20230220_225740428 PXL_20230218_215459425 PXL_20210727_173726873 (2) PXL_20210727_173258161 (2) PXL_20210727_173205718 (2) PXL_20210727_172927247 (2) PXL_20210727_172940200 (2) 

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