The contradictions of war – “Gospels -v- Garands” diorama

More stills from my “Gospels and Garands at dawn” diorama.  The snowbase was made using Andrea flock snow sprinkled over a PVC sheet (covered with some groundwork) then attached to a small box canvas (to keep the weight down) and then airbrushed-in with suitable washes to blend. Continue reading “The contradictions of war – “Gospels -v- Garands” diorama”

Ayrton Senna

Workbench update – (29th Sept’) plus “EJ” (& Jordan) – Villeneuve & Star Wars RB1!

Ayrton Senna

A batch of new sculpts/ conversions in 43rd scale include, Senna, Hill, Clark, Hunt and Siffert. Continue reading “Workbench update – (29th Sept’) plus “EJ” (& Jordan) – Villeneuve & Star Wars RB1!”

Napoleon – 28mm Wargame – Foundry Miniatures

I didn’t have much time today to spend painting, so I grabbed another of the primed wargame figure I have near my bench and whenever I had a few moments during the day, I painted this little figure of Napoleon Bonaparte.  This is from a set produced by Foundry Miniatures of Bonaparte and his Marshals – the set consists of 12 foot figures including some of his well known officers and aides.  Once again, I enjoyed just mixing the colors and getting it done in the day – so one down and eleven to go!   I’ll paint up some others … Continue reading Napoleon – 28mm Wargame – Foundry Miniatures