The contradictions of war – “Gospels -v- Garands” diorama

More stills from my “Gospels and Garands at dawn” diorama.  The snowbase was made using Andrea flock snow sprinkled over a PVC sheet (covered with some groundwork) then attached to a small box canvas (to keep the weight down) and then airbrushed-in with suitable washes to blend. Continue reading “The contradictions of war – “Gospels -v- Garands” diorama”

The Valkyrie stalks his target – Count Von Stauffenberg & Co

I’ve had both of these figures in my stash for a many years now and every so often they pop into view among all the other stuff crying out to be painted!  I had already cleaned them up and undercoated them – so when I spotted them yesterday I decided to strike while the iron was hot and block in the main colors as a start.   Both figures (54mm) were produced many years ago by Valiant Miniatures in the US – more reminicent of the traditional toy “connoisseur” type miniature – a bit short on the surface detail but big … Continue reading The Valkyrie stalks his target – Count Von Stauffenberg & Co

Waffen SS – Bastogne 1/16 scale vignette

I resurrected this unfinished piece over the week-end from my on-going WIP store.  Having watched that wonderful episode of “Band of Brothers” (set in the town of Bastogne in the Ardennes forest) I remembered that I had started a vignette for last years annual show which I ran out of time on, so I dug it out and started putting the finishing touches to it. Both figures are molded in plastic by Dragon (with a few modifications of my own) – cheap and cheerful with great potential … more on these two later. Continue reading Waffen SS – Bastogne 1/16 scale vignette