The Valkyrie stalks his target – Count Von Stauffenberg & Co

I’ve had both of these figures in my stash for a many years now and every so often they pop into view among all the other stuff crying out to be painted!  I had already cleaned them up and undercoated them – so when I spotted them yesterday I decided to strike while the iron was hot and block in the main colors as a start.   Both figures (54mm) were produced many years ago by Valiant Miniatures in the US – more reminicent of the traditional toy “connoisseur” type miniature – a bit short on the surface detail but big … Continue reading The Valkyrie stalks his target – Count Von Stauffenberg & Co

More 28mm Miniature gaming figures

I’m continuing my painting exercises with these little figures (see my last post) and over the weekend I painted this guy on his futuristic motorcycle.  I’ve no idea who manufactures the figure, I have 100’s of these from a mad buying phase from many years ago, and every so often I dip into my primed stock and tune up my painting technique.  As I’ve said before it’s a break from the larger (more serious) figures and it helps sharpen my eye for color/value mixing and it’s also very enjoyable! Continue reading More 28mm Miniature gaming figures

Wargame 28mm miniature figures – painting tip!

In order to keep my painting process reasonably sharp (mainly color mixing) I keep a supply of primed 28mm wargame figures within reach of my bench.  When I get into a bit of a rut with my painting, these little guys are great for getting myself started again.  I think it’s beacuse they are so small, and in most cases such fun to paint, and as a result, I don’t take them too seriously. Like a lot of creative processes, when we relax that little bit the process flows that bit better.  My favourite analogy is Golf  – sometimes the … Continue reading Wargame 28mm miniature figures – painting tip!

Waffen SS – Bastogne 1/16 scale vignette

I resurrected this unfinished piece over the week-end from my on-going WIP store.  Having watched that wonderful episode of “Band of Brothers” (set in the town of Bastogne in the Ardennes forest) I remembered that I had started a vignette for last years annual show which I ran out of time on, so I dug it out and started putting the finishing touches to it. Both figures are molded in plastic by Dragon (with a few modifications of my own) – cheap and cheerful with great potential … more on these two later. Continue reading Waffen SS – Bastogne 1/16 scale vignette

FLAT FIGURE – Murat – King Of Naples

This is a superb flat metal figure (produced by Fabrice Eisenbach) of one of Napoleons most flamboyant Marshals – Murat  King of Naples – I’ve painted it painted in acrylics and finished it with a coat of mat varnish.  They are wonderful figures with plenty of rich detail  – I’m really looking forward to painting more of these figures from my stash! Continue reading FLAT FIGURE – Murat – King Of Naples


I guess inspired by that famous TV series from the 80’s “Dads Army”, come these wonderfully crafted 1/32nd scale figures of the men from Wormington on Sea – these beautiful Figures are marketed under the Title of  “The Pals” – they are full of  the characters we know and love – beautiful anatomical proportions – well detailed and just crying out to be painted.  From the initial series of four figures, I’ve chosen to start on these two (“Sgt Wilson” and “Godfrey” I think?) – with the  undercoat just drying, I’ll get started on mixing some colours.  An absolute must … Continue reading WORK IN PROGRESS – DADS ARMY 1/32 FIGURES – “The Pals”


A superb metal casting by Poste Militaire of the famous WWII RAF Fighter Ace “Sailor Malan.  A 90mm kit Painted in oils – Note: I added the Stove & kettle from my own “spares” box and the wooden floor is rendered from stained/sainted strips of balsa wood!  Full details on “Sailor” in the Wiki links below: Adolph Gysbert Malan DSO & Bar DFC (24 March 1910 – 17 September 1963), better known as Sailor Malan, was a famed South African World War II RAF fighter pilot who led No. 74 Squadron RAF during the height of the Battle of Britain. … Continue reading SAILOR MALAN RAF – 90MM POST MILITAIRE FIGURE


Painted in acrylics and oils, I’ve added his German Shepherd dog – and entitled the piece “Loyal Companion” – a nice metal casting from Andrea Miniatures of Spain in 1/32 (54mm). “Wiki” links below povides more details: Luftwaffe (German pronunciation: [ˈlÊŠftvafÉ™] ( listen)) is a generic German term for an air force. It is also the official name for two of the four historic German air forces, the Wehrmacht air arm founded in 1935 and disbanded in 1946; and the current Bundeswehr air arm founded in 1956. Schweizer Luftwaffe is also the name of the Swiss Air Force in German … Continue reading 1/32 LUFTWAFFE PILOT FIGURE – ANDREA MINIATURES